About Us

The Equipment Co is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of Catering equipment hire and display refrigeration to the event industry. Our commitment is to provide quality customer service in the events industry and ensure that you are always satisfied and provided for, no matter your need.

We specialise in commercial catering equipment hire, providing an extensive range of equipment including refrigeration, catering and portable coolrooms. With over 25 years experience in the industry, we regularly service some of Australia’s premier festivals and events including the Australian Open, The Melbourne Good Food and Wine Festival, Falls Festival, the Grand Prix and many others.

We are reliable and experienced in providing a diverse and high quality range of catering equipment hire and display refrigeration hire. The Equipment Co is committed as an industry leader in care and service for our clients. Choose us if you are looking for the right catering equipment hire company for your event.

We are your one-stop shop for event equipment hire. Check out our extensive catalog or contact us to request a quote or for any further information.
Our staff are available to meet all your requirements:

  • Event Hire
  • Emergency break-down
  • Re-location or Refurbishment
  • Equipment failure or service down time
  • Additional Equipment for peak periods