Cook Tops

Our Cook Tops category offers a wide range of high-quality and efficient cooktops available for commercial or domestic hire. Explore our expertly-selected options for your needs.

Key Considerations

A cooktop is a fundamental component of any kitchen, so making the right choice for your needs is essential. When hiring cook tops, determine the number of cooking zones or burners you need based on your expected cooking volume.

The size and capacity should align for efficient food preparation. Cooktops can be powered by various fuel types, including natural gas, LPG, electric, or induction. Consider the availability of the fuel source at your venue and your cooking preferences when selecting the cooktop type.

User-friendliness is another aspect to remember – intuitive controls can ensure smooth operation by your team. Lastly, hygiene cannot be overlooked; opt for well-maintained and regularly serviced cook tops for optimal performance and cleanliness. These elements are instrumental in ensuring a successful event.