Granita Machines

Key Considerations

Granita machines are essential for serving refreshing frozen beverages, making them a popular choice for a wide range of events, especially in warm weather or when offering cool and slushy treats to your guests.

When hiring a Granita machine (also known as a slushie machine or frozen beverage dispenser), choose the type that suits the number of flavors or varieties of frozen beverages you plan to serve.

Granita machines come in various types, including single-bowl and multi-bowl machines. Determine the capacity of the Granita machine in terms of the number of liters it can hold. Ensure it can accommodate the volume of frozen beverages you expect to serve.

If you plan to offer multiple flavors, consider a Granita machine with multiple bowls. Each bowl can hold a different flavor, allowing you to serve a variety of frozen beverages. Check the freezing time required for the machine to produce the frozen beverages. Some machines may have faster freezing times, which is advantageous for high-demand events.

Ensure that the Granita machine has adjustable temperature controls to maintain the desired slushie consistency for your beverages. You’ll also want to make sure that you have a sufficient supply of beverage mixes, concentrates, or syrups for creating the flavors you plan to offer and plan for any additional ingredients like ice or garnishes.