Blast Chillers

We offer a range of commercial blast chillers and blast freezers these are available in various sizes.  Blast chillers are great way to preserve food safely.  They take standard gastronorm trays, the number of tray spaces varies based on the size of the unit.  Our blast chiller are suited to commercial kitchens and food preparation areas.  What ever you need to snap freeze, we should be able to help.

Key Considerations

When hiring blast chillers for an event or commercial kitchen, it’s important to consider several factors to ensure that the equipment meets your specific needs and contributes to efficient food cooling and storage.

Blast chillers come a reach-in a model. Choose one that suits the size of your kitchen or food preparation area and the volume of food you need to chill. Determine the capacity of the blast chiller in terms of the number of pans or trays it can accommodate. Ensure it can handle the volume of food you plan to chill during the event.

Check the chilling capacity in terms of the number of kilograms of food it can chill per cycle. This is important for efficient cooling of larger quantities of prepared dishes. Ensure that the blast chiller has adjustable temperature controls to bring food from hot serving temperatures to safe holding temperatures quickly.

Blast chillers are typically made of stainless steel for durability and easy cleaning. Ensure that the unit is constructed from food-grade and hygienic materials. As blast chillers are essential for quickly and safely cooling hot dishes, consider these factors carefully when choosing a blast chiller for hire.