Ice cream Scooping Cabinets

Key Considerations

Ice cream scooping cabinets are key to keeping your ice cream in perfect serving condition. If you are considering hiring an ice cream cabinet, you should first determine the capacity you need based on the expected number of guests and the volume of ice cream you plan to serve.

Ensure that the cabinet can hold enough ice cream containers or tubs to meet your demand. A crucial factor in maintaining ice cream quality is temperature control.

Look for a scooping cabinet with precise temperature settings to keep the ice cream at the ideal serving temperature – It is recommended to store ice cream at around -23°C in a freezer and the ideal serving range is between -16°C and -14°C. Choose a cabinet with a clear glass or acrylic display front that allows guests to see the available ice cream flavors.

By carefully considering these factors when hiring an ice cream scooping cabinet you can ensure that the equipment enhances the ice cream serving experience and contributes to the overall success of your event.