Hand Wash Basins

In most council areas it is a requirement for food services and selected other businesses, that they have warm water handwash available.  Our commercial hand wash stations can be either Self Contained or a Plumbed version. They are often chosen for use at events, in temporary kitchens, bars or other food related areas.  They are simple, portable and easy to use while also being used to meet compliance requirements.

Key Considerations

When hiring hand wash basins, it’s crucial to ensure that the equipment meets your specific needs and complies with health and safety regulations. First of all, consider the number of hand wash basins you need based on the number of staff and attendees, the layout of your event space, and local health and safety regulations. Adequate hand washing facilities are essential to maintain hygiene. Position the hand wash basins in easily accessible locations, ensuring that they are convenient for both guests and catering staff, such as high-traffic areas and areas with proximity to food service stations. Ensure that the hand wash basins provide both warm running water. The availability of warm water is essential for effective hand washing and compliance with hygiene standards. You should also verify that the hand wash basins are equipped with soap dispensers and provide liquid soap for hand washing to ensure proper hygiene. Offer paper towels near the hand wash basins to allow users to dry their hands after washing.
Evaluate these key points carefully when choosing your wash basin to hire, as proper hand washing is essential to prevent the spread of germs and ensure the well-being of everyone attending your event.