Portable Coolrooms

We have a large number of portable cool rooms available for hire in Melbourne, Victoria.  We offer both trailer coolrooms as well as skid coolrooms in various sizes.  The trailer coolrooms can be towed behind a car and can be either picked up from us or we can deliver.  The skid coolrooms are usually used for commercial applications and are delivered on ab speciality flatbed truck.  All the units can be used with a standard power point.

Key Considerations

Portable coolrooms are vital for keeping perishable food items fresh and ensuring that your guests are served high-quality and safe dishes. Therefore, when choosing portable coolrooms for hire, ensure that the equipment meets your specific needs and helps maintain the freshness and safety of your food. Firstly, determine the size and storage capacity of the portable coolroom in terms of cubic feet or liters. Ensure it can accommodate the volume of refrigerated food, ingredients, and beverages you need for the event. Consider the number of shelves inside the coolroom. Multiple shelves allow you to separate different types of foods, maintaining organization and preventing cross-contamination. Further, ensure that the portable coolroom has adjustable temperature controls to maintain the desired refrigeration temperature for your specific food items. Precise temperature control is crucial for food safety. Lastly, verify that the event venue has the necessary electrical connections and voltage to support the portable coolroom’s power requirements. You may also need a backup power source.
By carefully considering these factors when hiring portable coolrooms for your catering event, you can ensure that the equipment facilitates efficient cold storage.


  • What ventilation is required for a coolroom?

    Cool rooms typically require proper ventilation to prevent moisture build-up and ensure efficient operation. Consult a qualified technician for specific ventilation needs.

  • Are coldrooms freezers?

    No, cold rooms maintain temperatures around 2-10°C, ideal for chilling food and beverages. Freezers operate at much colder temperatures, arround -18°C for frozen food storage.

  • What refrigerant does a coldroom use?

    Modern cold rooms typically use eco-friendly refrigerants like R404A. The specific refrigerant used may vary depending on the model and manufacturer.

  • How much power does a coolroom use?

    The power consumption of a cool room depends on its size, operating temperature, and usage patterns. Generally, they are energy-efficient appliances.