Ware Washing

Key Considerations

Effective warewashing is crucial for providing clean and sanitized dishes to your customers. So when hiring warewashing equipment, such as dishwashers and associated tools, consider several factors to ensure the efficient and sanitary cleaning of dishes and utensils.
Choose a dishwasher that suits the volume of dishes you expect to clean. Options include undercounter dishwashers, pass-through dishwashers and conveyor dishwashers. If you’ll be cleaning a significant number of glassware items, consider specialized glasswashers designed for delicate glassware. Assess the washing speed and cycle times of the warewashing equipment. Faster cycles are beneficial for high-demand environments to keep up with the flow of dirty dishes. Ensure that the equipment has adjustable temperature controls for wash and rinse cycles. Precise temperature control is essential for effective cleaning and sanitation. Evaluate how easy it is to load and unload dishes from the equipment. Ergonomic design and features like removable racks can enhance efficiency.
Lastly, check if the warewashing equipment has built-in dispensers for detergents, sanitizers, and rinse aids or needs to be added manually. These are crucial for achieving clean and sanitary results.
By carefully considering these factors when hiring warewashing equipment, you can ensure that the equipment facilitates efficient dishwashing, maintains hygiene standards.