Dishwasher - Undercounter Glasswashers

We have different models of commercial glasswashers which are suited to use at events, behind bars – basically anywhere that requires a quick turnaround of clean glasses.  Glass washers will wash glasses faster than a standard dishwasher and designed for high volume commercial use.  We have two different sizes available – just ask for more details.

Key Considerations

When hiring glass washers for an event, it’s important to consider several factors to ensure that the equipment meets your specific needs, as glass washers are essential for providing clean and sparkling glassware to serve beverages to your guests.

Glass washers come as an undercounter model. Choose the type that suits the available space at your location and the volume of glassware you need to clean. Determine the capacity of the glass washer in terms of the number of glasses it can accommodate in each cycle. Ensure it can handle the volume of glassware you expect to use during the event.

Check the cycle time required for the glass washer to complete a wash and rinse cycle. Faster cycle times are advantageous for high-demand events. Some glass washers offer multiple wash cycle programs with different durations and intensity levels. Select the appropriate cycle program for your glassware type and cleanliness requirements.

Determine if the glass washer has built-in detergent and rinse aid dispensers. These accessories help ensure that glasses are cleaned and sanitized effectively. Further check if the glass washer comes with essential accessories, such as glass racks, trays, and flatware baskets. Ensure you have all the necessary components for glassware cleaning.

By carefully considering these factors when hiring glass washers, you can ensure that the equipment facilitates efficient glassware cleaning and maintains glassware quality.