Dishwasher - Upright 'pass-thru' Dishwasher

Key Considerations

When hiring upright “pass-thru” dishwashers for a catering event, it’s important to consider several factors to ensure that the equipment supports efficient dishwashing. First of all, think of the size and capacity of the pass-thru dishwasher in terms of racks or baskets it can accommodate. Ensure it can handle the volume of dishes and utensils you plan to clean during the event. Assess the washing speed and cycle times of the dishwasher. Faster cycles are advantageous for high-demand events to keep up with the flow of dirty dishes. Further, check whether the dishwasher has built-in dispensers for detergents, sanitizers, and rinse aids or requires a tablet or powder to be added manually. These are crucial for achieving sparkling clean and sanitary results. Lastly, consider the ergonomic design of the dishwasher to make loading and unloading dishes convenient and efficient for your staff and ensure that the event venue has the necessary water source and connections for the dishwasher, including hot water supply. By carefully considering these factors when hiring pass-thru dishwashers, you will maintain hygiene standards and contribute to the overall success of your event.