Hot Boxes

We offer two different styles of hot boxes, depending on what you want to do with them.  One unit is small and non powered, hence it’s ideal if you want to pre-prepare food and transport the food on trays to it’s destination or in locations that don’t have power.  The other style of hot box is better suited to higher volumes and when power is available to keep the food warm inside the hot box.  These are sometimes known as vertical food transporters.  Both styles have racks to store food on gastronorm trays.

Key Considerations

When hiring hot boxes (also known as hot holding cabinets or vertical food transport units) for a catering event, it’s important to consider the size and capacity of the hot box based on the number and variety of hot dishes you need to keep warm.

Determine the quantity of hot boxes you need based on the number of guests, the variety of hot dishes you plan to serve, and the layout of your catering setup. Choose ones that suits your event’s space, layout, and menu.

Hot boxes often have multiple shelves for holding different dishes. Consider the number of shelves you need to keep a variety of hot foods warm simultaneously. If you need to transport the hot box to different locations within the event venue, consider its portability. Some models have wheels or casters for easy mobility.

Ensure that the hot box has a stable and sturdy base or frame to prevent tipping or wobbling during use. As hot boxes are essential for keeping hot dishes at safe and appetizing temperatures and are ensuring that your guests enjoy well-prepared and warm meals, it is important to consider these factors when hiring hot boxes.