Ice Makers

Key Considerations

Ice makers are essential for providing ice for beverages or food displays, so it’s crucial to evaluate your needs when hiring an ice maker.

Determine the ice production capacity you need for your activity. Consider the number of guests and the volume of ice required for beverages, chilling food, or creating decorative ice displays. Choose an ice maker that can produce enough ice to meet your demands.

All our ice makers come with built-in storage bins and some have a hands fee dispenser. Assess the storage capacity of the ice maker and its ability to hold the necessary amount of ice until it’s needed. Ice makers can also produce different types of ice, such as cubed or crushed.

For example, cubed ice is suitable for most beverages, while crushed ice is ideal for cocktails and slushy drinks. Ice makers need a water source for ice production and somewhere for waste water to go. Ensure that your location has access to a clean and reliable water supply.

Considering the above factors when hiring an ice maker will ensure that the equipment meets your ice production needs, maintains ice quality, and contributes to the overall success and efficiency of your event.