Commercial Dishwasher - Conveyor

Our commercial conveyor dishwasher is the largest and highest volume dishwasher in our range for hire.  It is suited to large commercial kitchens with high volumes of dishes to wash.

Key Considerations

When hiring a commercial conveyor dishwasher for a catering event or a large-scale operation, several important factors should be considered to ensure the efficient and effective cleaning of a high volume of dishes.

Determine the capacity you need based on the volume of dishes, glassware, and utensils you’ll be using at the event. Measure the available space in your event kitchen or dishwashing area to ensure that the conveyor dishwasher will fit comfortably.

Consider the layout and flow of your kitchen to optimize the placement of the dishwasher for efficient workflow. Conveyor dishwashers require hot water, cold water, and drainage connections. Ensure that the venue can provide sufficient water flow and temperature.

In addition, conveyor dishwashers release steam and heat during operation, so the event kitchen or dishwashing area requires proper ventilation to maintain a comfortable working environment.

By carefully considering these factors when hiring a commercial conveyor dishwasher, you can ensure that the equipment facilitates efficient dishwashing, maintains hygiene standards, and contributes to the overall success of your event.